Europe and the Price of Silence on the Syrian Massacres

Europe and the Price of Silence on the Syrian Massacres
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Countless images are reported by the media of Syrian refugees crowds as they flock by the thousands on international borders to cross into Western Europe in search of a life and a secure future. The tragedies that accompany this perilous journey, speak deeply about the catastrophe that befell Syrians fleeing one death to another. From bombardment of explosive barrels to drowning in the sea on death boats, the story of death did not stop for even a moment in Syria for more than four years. The Syrian migration will not stop as long as the fires continue raging in their country, eating it piece by piece, home by home and stone by stone.. The international community did not intervene to stop it and defuse it, until the conflict in Syria turned into a ticking time bomb, threatening to explode and create many more crises in the world.


The Syrian refugees crisis that shook the conscience of the world and turned into an international issue. After the sinking of hundreds of migrants on the high seas, photographs of the victims highlighted the screens. This prompted several European countries to open their doors to refugees under the pressure of its citizens who have shown broad solidarity and an unusual welcoming culture towards refugees. However, this policy has created a crisis in Europe itself about the ways to accommodate the new arrivals, where European countries found themselves with the tens of thousands of refugees. This is because of its failure to meet the needs of the Syrian crisis.


The prolonged crisis in Syria has led to a loss of hope in finding a radical solution satisfactory to the parties of the conflict. In light of international and regional conflicts and the clear absence of serious desire from the international community in finding a way out of the crisis in the near term, Syrians are pushed to migrate in large numbers. They are conquered by despair. They had no choice but to flee from war and bombing in Syria, only to face harsh economic conditions         
in neighbouring countries.


Until we reach a viable solution, everyone must shoulder its responsibilities towards the Syrian people. The European countries should review their foreign policies and try to reach for radical solutions to ensure the Syrians safety in their own country, to prevent the arrival of arms to the conflicting parties, and to pressure all parties stopping this obscene war. They need to search for a political solution, because the logic of violence is confirmed in its failure and bankruptcy.


Therefore, the desired solution will not be a military intervention of more countries, such as Russia and France. The two had their aircraft drop more bombs on the heads of civilians under the pretext of fighting the so called Islamic State, but we need to find a real solution for this crisis through peace and security, reconstruction and overall development, under a democratic governance system that accommodates all Syrians. This solution may seem far away and expensive, but it is certainly more realistic and less expensive than the absurdity of war and its ineffectiveness against the Islamic State, or attempt to absorb the millions of Syrians in distant asylum countries.




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