Daraa's refugees and the absurdity of politics

Daraa's refugees and the absurdity of politics
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Suwar team

July 2, 2018


The conditions in Syria are undergoing rapid and major transformations as a result of changes in international and regional alliances; the first of these was the Turkish-Russian-Iranian rapprochement, followed by the agreement to de-escalate four regions in Syria and the subsequent arrangement between the United States and Russia on the south of Syria.


These new alliances sought to circumvent international resolutions on Syria and the negotiations in Geneva by creating alternative negotiating avenues. This has had a significant effect on the Syrian situation, among which was the transference of Aleppo to the regime’s hands after an agreement between Turkey and Russia, and the transference of Eastern Ghouta in exchange for allowing Turkish forces to take over control over the city of Afrin. That same scenario is being repeated in the southern regions of Syria.


The Syrian regime and its supporters are trying to impose their will through the use of brutal force. This is so that the residents of these areas will accept a compromise that will essentially change the demographics of each region the regime gains control over through displacing its residents without any legal or humanitarian deterrent to these policies. 


As the battle launched by the regime and Russia against the Syrian south continues, it seems that course of “de-escalation” has become irreversible. The features of the recent developments in the governorate of Dara’a are becoming clearer, and we wouldn’t be surprised if there was an implicit agreement between the US and Russia that would remove Iranian forces near the Israeli border in exchange for allowing the regime to take over control over the south.


All these regional developments come at the expense of a major humanitarian disaster in Dara’a. The main victims are defenseless civilians – who have abandoned their homes and villages – wandering under the south’s boiling sun in search for shelter to protect them from the scourge of war. While their "brothers" are closing the border and preventing the entry of refugees into their countries.


The issue of Syrian refugees has always been one of ​​political interest and moral blackmail, having been previously used by the governments of Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Israel to serve their respective interests. However, it seems that the new refugees from Dara’a seem to have no political value. Therefore, everyone ignores their tragedy and emotionlessly have left them to their fate.


This farce must end. As the international community fails to find a political solution to the Syrian war and an end to the causes of asylum seeking, it must at least assume its humanitarian responsibility to create a safe haven for refugees in southern Syria, that guarantees the minimum conditions of life and human dignity.


This task does not seem as impossible as the task of achieving a political transition in Syria. Syrian opposition organizations and civil society organizations can work together to achieve a solution and convey the facts of this tragedy to the world.


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