What does Corona crisis hide for the world? Major questions are asked again

What does Corona crisis hide for the world? Major questions are asked again
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We don’t have enough protective masks to save the lives of seven billion human lives on this planet, but do we have enough weapons to kill more than this number?


For a moment this question may sound shallow, without meaning, but the truth in front of us is that the Corona pandemic has destabilized a lot of assumptions, changed a lot of convictions believed by people and human societies that were so sacred they could not be questioned.


For the first time, many questions were launched under social distancing. Humanity as a whole—us included—are confronting common questions about the future and the effective solutions that can make human life better based on what our needs truly are, and how we can ensure we do not go back to the enforced subsistence in our homes. Yet we feel terrified of what is coming. How did we get here? What is wrong?


Some people have begun thinking about the values of solidarity, social solidarity, and its efficiency, as in Italy today. Others are wondering about what comes first for societies. Meanwhile, we find a third team askes about how to use this crisis for political and economic, even factional and personal, gains.

Today, the world appears in the face of this crisis as small, weak and fragile, as social distancing has been the most successful cure to contain the virus so far. Isolation can impose on us as individuals severe negative and psychological effects, as some are driven by fear of change, inability to endure, and impatience, and could do something stupid that worsens the crisis before containing the virus.

Although humans are social by nature, human have significant abilities to adapt quickly. Given this, it appears to me that there are some benefits of this crisis. For some, it is an opportunity to do hobbies like exercising, take care of our health, or turn back to reading, not to mention increasing communication with family and friends.


Corona in Syria… The Ball of Life in the Fragile Health Court


 As for governments, the majority have taken strict measures in an attempt to contain the virus, including requiring companies to close down, although there are a few cases, especially in the capitalist countries, where these measures don’t seem adequate. Yet, this crisis has exposed to us many flaws, from the government's top priorities to issues of transparency and commitment to social responsibility, the health system and environmental issues, and emergency laws and their effectiveness.


This virus has placed the world in open war with an enemy that can't be seen by the naked eye. As governments have developed their full potential to stop the virus’s spread, these actions have predictably had significant effects on the production and structure of systems, in accordance with these systems’ weaknesses, and therefore rearranged the priorities for the health system and the environmental system to take the top priority in the future and restructured defense systems and emergency laws created to combat this crisis. In other words, the crisis has redefined the concept of national security for each country, and millions will be spent on scientific research.


The effects of this open war will extend to the restructuring of the world economic system, that, in turn, will restructure the political system. There may be significant changes in the decision-making mechanisms of large bodies and federations such as the UN Security Council or the European Union. Within these alliances, the definition of solidarity will be redefined.


On the level of tyrannical and failed regimes, the situation will be much worse. There will not be enough space to ask questions that must be asked in order to make changes, especially as the situation of inter-party violence continues without any consideration of the Coronavirus crisis.


Despite the terrible situation, the people—the main source of authority and economy—can find in this crisis a great opportunity to make real and radical changes, if the moment is properly seized by proponents of positive change, because human history tells us that major changes are preceded by major crises.



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